Cold Store operators fume over power crisis

A group of cold store operators at Mallam- Gbawe in the Greater Accra Region have expressed their displeasure about the power crisis in the country which has adversely affected their business.

They called on the government to take the necessary initiatives to end the power crisis in the country.

The group, in an interview with DAILY GUIDE, said the energy crisis has increased their operational cost and affected earnings.

The ongoing load-shedding programme has led to the destruction of several products worth millions of cedis and slowed down business drastically, they said.

Isaac Opoku, owner of CHRISTBAND cold store, one of the biggest in the community, said the current crisis being experienced across the country has led to the collapse of several cold stores which depend almost entirely on electricity.

“Just yesterday we had to empty our freezers full of rotten commodities which included 10 boxes of chicken worth GH¢900 and a box of fish worth GH¢21 and we have to spend GH¢140 on fuel to power our generators so if we don’t make any profit how do we pay taxes and feed ourselves and family.”

Osei Kwame, owner of another cold store in the area, noted that cold stores require regular power supply to effectively meet the needs of customers.

He expressed dissatisfaction with the situation and charged the current Mahama administration to do everything possible to address the problems.

“I have four children and there are bills to pay now and how does the government expect me to provide for my family,” he added.

The group, which consist of five different cold stores, pointed out that “we do our best to keep our business running by purchasing few boxes of the commodities for a day so when they finish we close for the day.”

They noted that the prices of commodities had been increased greatly in recent times.

“We hope the government will take immediate steps to address the problems.

source : Daily Guide