CLOGSAG joins call for ISD boss to be sacked


The Civil and Local Government Staff Association of Ghana (CLOGSAG) has added its voice to the call for the Information Service Department (ISD) acting Director, Mr Francis Kwarteng Arthur to be removed.

This was after the association received a copy of a petition from the ISD workers addressed to the Head of Civil Service asking for Mr Arthur’s immediate removal.

According to the Executive Secretary of CLOGSAG, Mr Isaac Bamfo Addo, in the scheme of service for the ISD, Mr Arthur “does not qualify”.

Explaining, he said the entry point for the director should be a minimum qualification of a Masters’ degree in communications, journalism or any related activity and must be a member of a relevant professional association and also a minimum of 15 years, relevant experience with eight years in a senior management position.

“All these criteria, Mr Arthur does not qualify… he does not qualify to be there, he is not a civil servant, he doesn’t satisfy even one so he has no business being there”.

Mr Addo who was speaking in an interview with Accra based radio station, Joy FM said Mr Arthur was causing himself a lot of embarrassment and he should do the honourable thing by leaving.

He said CLOGSAG would meet and come out strongly on the development.

Some concerned staff of ISD on Wednesday petitioned the Head of Civil Service for the immediate removal of their acting director, Mr Francis Kwarteng Arthur.

In a petition which was addressed to the Head of Civil Service and copied to the President of Ghana, Chief of Staff, Chairman of Public Services Commission, Chairman of Civil Services Council and the Executive Secretary of CLOGSAG, the ISD workers said Mr Arthur’s style of administration since his appointment has been “autocratic” and that he had shown “gross disrespect” to both management and other staff members.

According to the workers, ISD had no hand in the production of the 59th Independence anniversary brochure and it was, therefore, surprising that the acting director accepted responsibility on behalf of the department.

They said ISD’s staff had over the years handled national events with competence to the pride of all and explained that if the department had been involved in the process of the production of the brochure, it would have served the government and the people of Ghana very well.

The petition which was signed on behalf of the concerned staff by Mr Yaw D. Mensah said the letterhead used by the acting director for the apology press release last Monday was fraudulent because that was not the official letterhead of ISD.

They added that, “…since Stan Dogbe assumed his current position as a presidential staffer at the Office of the President, the work of ISD in relation to national events has stalled. The core mandate has since been handled by Mr Dogbe ever since.”

“Mr Arthur has demonstrated that he is Mr Stan Dogbe’s boy and behaves as if he is untouchable. He takes Mr Dogbe’s diabolic instructions that are inimical to the development of the department,” they said.

Mr Arthur, a presidential staffer was recently (December 2015) appointed to the position of acting director at the ISD from the FlagStaff House.

The workers alleged that Mr Arthur was being “influenced heavily” by Stan Dogbe and if that was not checked the ISD would end up collapsing.

They therefore called for Mr Arthur to be taken out for someone else who is competent to be brought board to handle the ISD.



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