Christians no longer willing to pray for Mahama – Catholic Priest


A Catholic Priest in Kumasi, Rev Father Louis Adu Poku says Christians are no longer willing to pray for the current leadership of the country due to the present economic hardship.

He said congregants respond more positively to prayer topics relating to their personal interests other than to ask for wisdom and guidance for President John Mahama and his appointees.

Father Louis Adu Poku was speaking on Atinka FM’s AM Drive with Kwame Adinkra Monday .

Rev. Father Adu Poku was reacting to the general hardship in the country where business had folded up, making life so unbearable for Christians to the extent that they don’t even have money for offertory. This development, he said, makes it difficult to ask members to pray for the President.

He opined that, these days u asked the congregation to pray for the President and everyone stands aloof. “It is surprising to see that people are reluctant to pray for the President in the church which is non-political body. This is a church made up of people from various political divide, not a political rally. This is a church congregation which is a mixture of many political parties but when you ask them to pray, they are reluctant to pray.”

He added that the severe hardship is affecting offertory and other free gifts the congregation occasionally give the church. The NPP failed to learn from their mistakes in 2008 and unfortunately, the NDC is also committing the same mistakes.

He made reference to a young man who nearly resorted to blood money because the Coca Cola Bottling Company in Kumasi has laid off all it workers because of unreliable power. He said this young man like many others have lost hope in the system and have resorted to clinging their hopes unto churches and that one does not need to conduct a research to know that there is too much hardship.

The head of Youth Evangelization in the Dioceses bemoaned the high electricity tariffs and high fuel charges. He advised that ruling government to give a listening ear to the governed and ordinary Ghanaian.



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