Christians must work with their conscience – Apostle Mensah

Christians have being urged to work with their conscience; as it is the key to spiritual strength and socio-economic development.

Apostle J. F. K. Mensah, Executive Director of CDM Bible College said Christians must endeavor to have good conscience at all times, stating that “the born again Christian’s conscience is God speaking to him”.

He said God had placed His Holy Spirit in the hearts of Christians to help them pray and to overcome their infirmities.

Apostle Mensah, who made these remarks on Sunday in Accra, in his address to students of the College, said man is made up of spirit, soul and body; and that God uses the spirit of a man to prompt him anytime he sins or goes wayward from His word.

He said God had placed conscience in man as a display of his holiness, and therefore, man needs to watch his conscience carefully.

He said the conscience of the Christian was cleansed by the blood of Jesus, and water baptism; which was an appeal to God for a good conscience.

Apostle Mensah, who is also the Chairman of the Apostolic Council of the Great Commission Church International said anytime a person sins, his conscience condemns him and therefore, he cannot approach God with boldness, because he feels guilty.

“This is why if you don’t work on your conscience, your faith can never be strong; because you feel guilty going close to God when your heart is condemning you,” Apostle Mensah said.

He cited King David in the bible as a man of good conscience; declaring that every secret of men whether good or bad would be judged by God on Judgement Day.

He said some men of God in Ghana were using their faith to slap their own conscience; explaining that because of faith what their conscience was telling them doesn’t matter; but when they do that, they make a ship wreck of their own faith.

He advised Christians to repent of their evil ways and strive to have a conscience without offence before God and man.

Apostle Mensah said: “If your conscience is talking to you and you don’t mind, it will be sheared, but on judgement it will condemn you.

“Let your conscience wake up; all the library books you have stolen send them back, make sure you pay back the loans you have taken.”

He cautioned Christians against following men of God to know their destinies; because they might end up being misled by charlatans.

“Every Christian is a child of God and has the privilege to talk to Him in prayers and He will answer,” he explained.

He said Christians need to understand God; draw near to Him and then when He speaks they would hear Him.

The CDM Bible College located at Ayi- Mensah in Accra is an interdenominational institution that aims to produce Christ-like disciple-makers, who know their specific calling from God and have enough urgency for the Great Commission to reproduce strategic and faithful disciple-makers, who will be labourers for finishing the unfinished task within our generation.

It seeks to teach, train and build Chrislike character and reproduce but biblical models who will be pillars of truth in their generations.

source : GNA