Cholera scare hits Cape Coast as refuse engulfs city

cape coastThe Cape Coast Metropolis has been overwhelmed with mountains of garbage.

The piles of garbage have been left on the streets competing for space in the already choked central business district. Residents have expressed shock about the development which they fear can lead to a cholera epidemic.

At the central business district, traders and other market women sit on the garbage to undertake their business. Almost every corner of the metropolis has been inundated by the garbage that grows in height every day.

“We don’t understand why   we pay taxes and sweep our compound but collecting the refuse to the disposal site has become a huge challenge. Why then do we have to continuously pay the taxes”, a trader fumed.

“I feel scandalized by the developments taking place in Cape Coast. Why do city authorities look on for this to happen? We have virtually been swallowed by the heaps of garbage that are on the streets. We are in the raining season and there can be a major outbreak of cholera”, a resident queried.

Speaking to Joy News’ Richard Kwadwo Nyarko  in Cape Coast, the Mayor of Cape Coast, Mrs. Priscilla Arhin Korankye  attributed the filth that has engulfed the metropolis to the failure of the waste collection company, Zoomlion, to live up to their responsibility.

According to her, Zoomlion has no single vehicle to clear the refuse in the metropolis hence the presence of the garbage on the streets. “Their failure to honour the part of the contract has left huge refuse at the various waste collection points in the metropolis. The Assembly spends GHC 1,500.00 weekly on waste collection, yet they are unable to collect all the waste generated in the metropolis”, she averred.