Cholera outbreak: One dead, 34 more infected in B/A

About 34 cholera cases have been recorded in the Goaso government hospital in the Brong Ahafo region, while one person has died as a result of the outbreak of the disease.

All the cases were recorded in the month of October. The latest cases of cholera have been attributed to the poor domestic and personal hygiene practices observed by residents in the area, according to the Municipal Health Director at the hospital, Duut Berima.

In an interview with Citi News, Duut Berima urged residents to observe good personal hygiene to prevent a further spread of the disease. He also emphasized the need for residents in the area to be educated on effective ways of adhering to such practices.

“…They are not even aware they need to wash their hands with soap, they defecate anyhow, they lift rubbish with their hands, they are not supposed to eat cold food.”

The disease has claimed over 100 lives with more than 10,000 cases recorded across the country.

The Greater Accra region has recorded the highest number of cases so far, but the rate of infection has reduced.

The Ghana Health Service in a bid to prevent a further spread of the disease earlier, asked local assemblies to consider banning the sale of food on the street.

Food sellers however defied the directive and went on with their normal activities.

The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), in October, clamped down on about 30 local restaurants, popularly called “chop bars,” operating under unhygienic conditions to prevent a further spread of the cholera disease.

The Ghana Medical Association believes Ghanaians should be held responsible for the outbreak, since they refused to heed to warning signs given by the Association on the disease.

“We failed simply because we did not heed to the warning signs that were given. The Ghana Medical Association [GMA] gave the alarm bells, the Regional Directorate of Health gave the alarm bells, somehow we went to sleep, we never found it expedient to implement measures and now we find ourselves in this situation,” the Deputy General Secretary of the GMA, Dr Justice Yankson said.

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