Cholera alert: We are ready to prevent spread

The Accra Metropolitan Assembly has said it is taking measures to prevent a possible outbreak of cholera.

There are fears that the onset of the rains coupled with the poor sanitary conditions might trigger another cholera outbreak, but the AMA has allayed fears of a possible outbreak

The Greater Accra Region alone recorded over 20,000 cholera cases between June 2014 and February 2015.

Out of this figure, about 100 deaths were recorded.

However, speaking to Citi News, the Public Health Director of the Accra Metropolis , Dr. Simpson Boateng said the demolition exercise it carried out at Agbogbloshi last week forms part of programs it is undertaking to rid the metropolis of cholera and other sanitation related illnesses.

“We are very much aware of the exercise embarked upon by the AMA. You know that the Agbogbloshi area, they are doing some decongestion exercise there. It is because we have realized that most of the cases are coming from that area and it as a result of the insanitary conditions there.

He said the AMA is embarking on a series of educational activities to prevent a further spread of the disease.

“Again, we are doing a series of educational activities. Our environmental health office are everywhere now. Educating the people, the schools, etc.”

Dr. Boateng also advised Ghanaians to observe good hygiene practices to avoid a spread of the disease.

“We are also saying that they should avoid buying food from the towns . If they must buy foods, they must make sure that they don’t buy it from a food vendor who has exposed food to the flies.

They must make sure landlords provide for them in their homes so that people will not eat in polythene bag and put them in an open space.”

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