China unveils interactive robot


China’s University of Science and Technology, has unveiled a human-like robot, which looks and talks like a real woman.

The life-sized robot named Jia jia, which was drawn from five attractive female students from the university and equipped with basic functions, such as making conversation, facial expressions, as well as gestures, is reportedly “the first of its kind in China”.

CCTV News reports that not only does it have the face of a beautiful woman, but that the robot is also capable of interacting with people next to “her.”

With Caucasian features, the interactive robot mimics the typical obsession of females; to always look pretty by blurting out, “don’t come too close to me when you are taking a picture. It would make my face look fat,” quoted the Xinhua News Agency.

Chen Xiaoping, the Director of the research team which developed the robot, said the team spent three years on the project, which has speech capability, micro expressions and moves its body and legs.

“The robot’s eye-balls role naturally and the speech is in sync with its leg movement. However, it lacks emotion,” he added.

He said the team hope to develop the robot’s learning abilities, and has plans to add facial expression, recognition and deeper interaction with people to it.

Source: GNA

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