Check Out The Best Student Looks For The Hot Climate


University is not only a place to study, it is also a launching ground for the student fashion. The youth tries their best in matching different items of clothing to create unique looks. What about studying? It is not a big issue because they get help with essay writing.

However, high year-round temperatures in countries with the hot climate present an obstacle for the sharp dressers.

How to create fashionable student looks and survive the heat?

Before you start choosing fashionable outfits, make sure you keep to this tips:

● Wear clothes made from fabrics that allow the body to breathe. For instance, cotton, linen, silk, lace are all loose-fitting. Use mostly natural fabrics, because if you wear synthetics, the possibility that you die from sweat will increase;
● Don`t wear long sleeves, otherwise, sweat stains will appear;
● To reflect the light, prefer light colors, as dark one attract heat;
● Wear caps or hats to protect head from the sunstrokes;
● Say NO to clothing from leather.

If you want to feel fresh and fashionable during the heat, check the following looks out!

 pic1 pic2 pic3
pic4 pic5
Source: fashionghana