Charterhouse charged to produce the VGMAs for TV


One of Ghana’s highlife stars says organisers of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) do not produce the event to meet international television standards.

Kwabena Kwabena reiterated his criticism of the Charterhouse event which he says is not well-organised one.

He has boycotted the Awards for the past three years and has vowed not to be part of the scheme until proper structures are put in place.

Speaking to Doreen Andoh on Joy FM’s Cosmopolitan Mix, Tuesday, he said: “I believe that as a musician, the only time to show to your audience that you are truly a musician is when these events come up.”

The Bue Kwan singer had argued on a program on Viasat 1 that the poor and disorganised nature of the awards was what informed his decision to boycott it.

Comparing the production for television, he said apart from the knowing which artistes picked what award at the Grammys, viewers get to enjoy the presentation.

“Everything is well coordinated, well rehearsed such that it projects the image of the artistes,” he said of the Grammys, adding, “however, in Ghana, our commitment to the music and the production of the show does not sync”. According to him, the award is streamed online so if the sound is bad and the whole act comes out badly, viewers tend to blame the artiste for being a bad performer when it is not their fault.

“It is not supposed to be so because someone has to own the stage and make sure all performances are good. Every artiste can’t come and do as they like, someone has to produce it as a tv production,”

He suggested that Charterhouse gets the likes of Kwame Yeboah whom he has worked closely with and has the reputation of putting up international artistes’ productions.

“We should get professionals to do their job to advise them (Charterhouse) concerning the music so we get the right band in place, the right sound so that our musicians will look good,” he told Doreen Andoh.

Vocal Kwabena Kwabena thinks it will be a big boost for the entertainment industry when things are done very well and professionally adding, “it is going to give the Awards great patronage.”

He charged Charterhouse to put up a good event since they have a whole year to plan it and execute it



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