Chapters Couture revives Batik Tie and Dye


Chapters Couture, a renowned fashion brand in Ghana, has launched a new collection purposely to revive the Batik Tie and Dye industry in Ghana.

Mr. Robert Raymond Cudjoe, CEO of Chapters Couture stressed on the fact that many designers and shoppers of the ‘African Print’ clothing have ignored the tie and dye print and focused mostly on other fabrics like Woodin, GTP, Vlisco to the extent of having Chinese fabric producers  file into the country with their pirated prints.

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“It seems people have forgotten, tie and dye is also African,” he said “and most designers are not fusing this beautiful print in designs they come up with.

This I believe is crippling the tie and dye entrepreneurs we have in this country not to talk of textile graduates from our various  tertiary institutions.

If attention is given to our tie and dye just as it did with our African print some years back, I believe we can grow that sector and even reduce graduate unemployment.

“Just as the textile industry became innovative in bringing different designs into our market for consumers, I believe, the same can be done with our tie and dye”.

The tie and dye print is very adaptable, and can be used in making variety of garments just as we do with the African print. We are therefore not limited.

He urges all designers and lovers of African fashion to also take another look at the tie and die print and look out for more innovative ways to revive it.

The look book showcases various styles and ways to wear batik tie and dye and how one can still make beautiful designs with the fabric.


Just as we put African print on the map, let’s do same with batik tie and dye.


Source: Chapters Couture 

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