Celebrities are not super humans – Reggie Rockstone


Reginald Yaw Asante Osei known in showbiz circles as Reggie Rockstone has stated that the lives of celebrities are not different from that of any Ghanaian.

The Godfather of Hiplife speaking with DJ Sly on Ark Fm’s Weekend City Show asserted that popularity cannot be equated to richness.

“There’s no difference between celebrity life welfare and any other person. We all have to work; we all have to feed ourselves and our children. We all have to look after ourselves. So there’s really no difference.”

According to him, the only difference is that celebrities are well known.

He wondered why people think that all celebrities are well endowed because of their lavish lifestyle.

“Do you know the bank details of any celebrity?” he queried adding that, “People equate popularity to richness and it is totally not true. In fact, my pocket was not loaded when I was most popular in Ghana. It is recently that I’m cashing something…and even that I worked for it. People assume that you’re rich because you’re popular. Dressing well doesn’t mean one is rich.”

Reggie added that people should not be pointing fingers at celebrities on what they do.

“Pointing fingers and trying to look through the account of celebrities is not necessary. We are human beings just like you. We can do wrong so if you look up to us then do that humanly.”


Source: myarkfmonline