Envy is a green eyed monster. Don’t play with it, envy not the success of others. Celebrate them.

I learned a long time ago “if you don’t respect builders you can never build”.

When your friends succeed, genuinely celebrate them. This set you up for your own victory. It should encourage you to work hard and smart rather and not envy.

This is a new week. Get the best out of the week…

I am looking forward to a great week;

I am not going to sit and hope it will be great;

I am going to make the week great;

I will turn every stumbling block into a stepping stone;

I will be happy and spread sunshine wherever I will be;

I will keep working on my dream;

I will get the best in this week.

I will celebrate others success

But I will keep working on my own dreams

I will get my own victories this week

I am stepping out there into victory.

Plan your week. Finish it on paper and then step out there and make it great!

Be happy and celebrate others success because you will have your own victory soon.


Source: dolphinspires.wordpress.com

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