Facebook gives users more control over what ads they see

Facebook on Tuesday unveiled two moves to protect its advertising revenue: It’s overriding ad blockers and giving consumers control over what kind of ads they see. If you use ad blocking software, the company will override that and start showing ads on the platform. But even while forcing those ads, Facebook will also give you more control over what ads ...

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Facebook just ruined Instagram

About two weeks ago, while I was busy Snapchatting all the people at the park playing Pokémon Go, I wondered for a hot second why Instagram doesn’t let you add text, drawings and emoji to your posts. Then I chuckled at what a stupid idea that would be. Turns out it’s not such a stupid idea, seeing as Instagram just ...

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Next Apple watch to have GPS, new processor, better battery

The Apple rumor mill is heating up once again, just weeks before the release of the iPhone 7, but this time the news about the Apple Watch.However, instead of incremental software upgrades or new watch band designs, the latest rumor claims that Apple will release two new versions of the Apple Watch in the second half of this year.According AppleInsider, ...

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Elon Musk is combining Tesla and SolarCity

Elon Musk is accelerating his plans to reinvent Tesla, making good on Monday his promise to combine Tesla and SolarCity, two companies where he currently serves as Chairman of the Board.Electric car manufacturer Tesla announced its intention to buy SolarCity for $2.6 billion in stock in a blog post a little more than a month after it initially proposed the ...

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Android bug fear in 900 million phones

Serious security flaws that could give attackers complete access to a phone’s data have been found in software used on tens of millions of Android devices. The bugs were uncovered by Checkpoint researchers looking at software running on chipsets made by US firm Qualcomm. Qualcomm processors are found in about 900 million Android phones, the company said. However, there is ...

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Facebook to suppress clickbait stories

Facebook has intensified its crackdown on so-called clickbait news that appears on the social network. Clickbait articles tend to carry intriguing headlines which suggest there is more to the story than there actually is. They are famous for employing alluring phrases such as “you’ll never guess what happened next” in order to drive web traffic. Facebook says it can now ...

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Bigger iPhone 7 could be more powerful than the smaller one

I’m praying it doesn’t happen, but it’s very possible Apple may release two new iPhone 7 models this fall — a 4.7-inch and a 5.5-inch version — and the latter will be much more powerful.With the last two generations of iPhones, Apple left all things internal the same on both flagship iPhones, with the exception of the screens and the ...

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Apple’s App Store just had its best month ever

In case anyone still thought apps were dying, Tim Cook just laid that theory to rest. The company’s App Store set a new record for the month of July, Cook revealed. The month saw Apple’s highest ever monthly billings and the biggest amount paid out to developers in a single month, he said in a tweet.  Cook didn’t elaborate on ...

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Samsung Unveils Galaxy Note7 Smartphone

Samsung Electronics has unveiled its new and much-anticipated smartphone Galaxy Note7, a phablet that combines advanced capabilities of the SPen with ultimate security features. The advanced features of the phone, Galaxy Note7; a water resistant body and S Pen; top-of-the-line security combines Samsung Knox with biometric authentication including a new iris scanning feature; and an immersive entertainment features with HDR ...

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Yahoo probes possible huge data breach

Yahoo is investigating claims the hacker linked to “mega-breaches” at MySpace and LinkedIn has posted details of 200 million Yahoo accounts to a marketplace on the dark web. Usernames, passwords and dates of birth are being offered for sale for three bitcoins (£1,360). Using the name Peace, the hacker said the data was “most likely” from 2012. Yahoo said it ...

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