Facebook, Twitter block social media surveillance tool

Social media has been key to some of this year’s most significant protests — but it turns out that these platforms have also been used to target the activists behind them. The ACLU of California reported that Geofeedia had been providing law enforcement with data — including locations — from the social media accounts of protestors. In response, it said ...

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Android 7.1 Developer Preview will hit Nexus phones in October

Lusting after the upcoming Android 7.1 update, which is full of new features? It’s only available on Google’s Pixel phones, which themselves aren’t available yet. We’ve got some good news: The first major improvement of Android Nougat will be hitting Google’s Nexus devices in early December. And, the first developer beta for Android 7.1 will become available on the Pixel ...

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How to jump from the Galaxy Note7 to the Google Pixel

Owners of the Galaxy Note7 are in a dreadful position. Samsung discontinued the $850 phone Tuesday after weeks of disaster: Some handsets overheated and exploded, the company tried to replace them, and then the new devices suffered the same problems.Simply put, it’s now irresponsible, even dangerous, to own a Note7. Now comes the task of replacing it, which isn’t as ...

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Facebook launches ‘Workplace’, a social network for workers

Facebook on Monday launched ‘Workplace’, which is just like ‘Facebook’, but takes away your friends and replaces them with your co-workers. Your work account and your Facebook account will have two separate logins and Workplace won’t feature ads on your homepage like Facebook does. More than 1,000 organisations currently use the tool, previously known as ”Facebook at Work.” With features ...

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People are adopting iOS 10 at a record rate

iOS 10 is now installed on roughly two-thirds of active iOS devices, according to data from tracking firms Mixpanel and Fiksu DSP. Mixpanel pegs 65.21% of iOS device users as having Apple’s latest software update, while Fiksu DSP has it at 66.7%. According to Fiksu’s data, iOS 10 has hit the two-thirds mark faster than any of the past six ...

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Facebook paid £4.1m in UK tax last year

Facebook paid £4.16m in UK corporation tax last year, as it expanded its business in the UK. It is a big increase on the £4,327 paid in 2014, which prompted an outcry from campaigners who argued it had paid too little. However, critics may also be riled by the fact that the company will receive a tax credit of £11m, ...

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Facebook’s ‘Secret Conversations’ mode deletes messages for extra security

Facebook has finished rolling out a “Secret Conversations” feature in its Messenger app. The new mode ensures only the two people involved in a chat can see the text. In fact, even the government or Facebook (FB, Tech30) itself won’t have access to conversations in secret mode, according to the social network. The social network’s 1 billion Messenger users now ...

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Facebook launches standalone “Events” discovery and calendar app

650 million people use Facebook Events — 100 million every day — but it’s a smaller sect of hardcore extroverts who discover these parties and meetups, then invite everyone else. Now Facebook is giving its most outgoing users a dedicated app for browsing and searching for stuff going on nearby. And thanks to the Facebook Events app’s ability to pull ...

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U.S. court reinstates Apple $120 million patent win over Samsung

A federal appeals court on Friday reinstated a $120 million jury award for Apple Inc (AAPL.O) against Samsung (005930.KS), marking the latest twist in the fierce patent war between the world’s top smartphone manufacturers. The court said that there was substantial evidence for the jury verdict related to Samsung’s infringement of Apple patents on its slide-to-unlock and autocorrect features, as ...

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Twitter shares plunge by a fifth

Shares in social media website Twitter plunged by a fifth on Thursday amid worries about a lack of takeover interest. Technology website Recode reported that Google, Apple and Walt Disney were unlikely to bid for the company. Cloud software company is now thought to be the most likely buyer of the business. Twitter shares rose 5.74% on Wednesday on ...

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