All Time Stylishness!

Some styles are just stylish to the core! I’m sure we ladies can relate to the fact that each time we have a gorgeous outfit that we have worn once, any other time we wear it, it still has that awesomeness around it. Ther’s so much gorgeousness attached to outfits with ruffles, either by the side just as Agatha (first ...

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Tested and proven tips to care for your clothes

Shopping for clothes can cost a few dollars to a hundred bucks, depending on the pieces you intend to buy. If you love designer items and upscale fashion, it’s mandatory that you take extra measures to care for your expensive wardrobe pieces. If you’ve watched the latest Ghana Fashion awards or if you’ve seen the wonderful photos taken at the ...

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Salvatore Ferragamo has just launched their new Tramezza Made-To-Order program, and it’s the real deal. Nothing is more luxurious than having a pair of shoes that fits you, and only you. With Ferragamo’s passion for handsome footwear, made from rich leathers and exotic skins, being the foundation of the company, they made sure they were doing it right before the ...

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Before She Leaves, Let’s Look At Times Michelle Obama Rocked African Fashion As America’s First Lady

As America makes the transition from one stylish lady to another, let’s look into the a number of time their first lady Michelle Obama really brought her A game to the front. See a good number of times Michelle Obama rocked print dresses and the designers they were from. One thing we know is to date, Obama has been one ...

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7 Key essentials in choosing the right high heels

It is an undeniable fact that women love shoes especially the ‘notorious’ high heels also known as pumps. And which woman wouldn’t want to stand tall and confident or look sexy when she steps out into public space. High heels are known to boost the confidence of women by elongating their figure, creating the illusion curves and giving them a ...

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Get Your Own African Print Suit Or Jacket Look & Select From Various Prints

This month we are offering our lovely female clients the oppotyunity to buy blazers/suits with any print fabric you wish, especially for the ones entering in their winter seasons. But not forgetting those preparing for harmattan. Blazers are must have’s in every woman’s closet. They can turn your bad top wear into a classy look, keep you warm in the ...

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Adorn your Fingers with these Trending Nail Arts

Being a stylish lady can pose to be a big deal most times, but not too worry because we will always give you the latest and classy hints and inspirations on how to adorn yourself! A lot of us manage to hold down a full-time job, look after our families and still have time to look and be as fabulous ...

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Warby Parker Releases Their Killer New Fall Lineup

Warby Parker has made a (very successful) business out of offering cool eyeglass frames at affordable prices. So affordable, in fact, that it’s easy to justify buying two, or even three, pair. And given that you switch out your clothes as the seasons change, why not do the same with your eyeglasses? Today Warby Parker released a new range of ...

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This Styling Move Will Make Your Dress Shoes Look Even Better

Not all lacing systems are created equal. While the simple crossover method you learned as a kid is great for sneakers and work boots and those chunky brogues you have sitting in your closet, dressier shoes—namely oxfords, like the pair you see above—look a whole lot better with a more minimal approach. Enter the straight lace, which keeps the uppers ...

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See The African Fashion Church Styles West African Ladies Rock To Worship

One thing African women treasure is their choice of style on Sundays, because praising God is not a small joke. Even more so standing shoulder to shoulder with some of your closest allies and some of your worst enemies is definitely not a time you wish to be caught badly dressed. So there is only one thing left to do, ...

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