A New Wave Of African Print Fashion Styles: This Week’s Fashion Inspiration

As time roles forward, print fashion is really finding its way into high end and high street fashion. With various new designers, stylists and bloggers mix matching fabrics within their creative juices there is no saying where the future of fashion will go, however it will definitely be Africa. With that said, our job is just to make sure you ...

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New Ghanaian Fashion Label Klor Tsoo Okai Present Their Maiden S/S 2016 Collection INITIUM

Klor Tsoo Okai is a new fashion brand to his the streets of Ghana. Klortsoo Oka presents the label as a Luxury Fashion Brand Creating Cutting-Edge Designs For The Effortlessly Chic Woman. The label makes it’s introduction into the world of fashion with their Maiden S/S 2016 Collection INITIUM. See the pictures below.   Source

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Ankara Styles: Kente Special!

As the Ankara fabric is becoming the fabric of the day, so is Kente trying to level up in the fashion industry. Kente is a multi-coloured geometric print fabric particular to the Ashanti tribe of Ghana. The dominating colour of the Kente print fabric is symbolical in the Ashanti culture. You can spot a Ghanaian sister by her Kente fabric! ...

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Ankara Styles : Off-Shoulder Ankara Tops

OK ladies let’s get in formation and slay in ’em off-shoulder tops! Off-shoulders have been in vogue for a while now but these off-shoulder ankara tops are impossible to resist. Off-shoulders tops are versatile pieces. It can be sewn together with the sleeves or detached, you can transform your off-shoulder tops to a buttoned off-shoulder top and can be rocked ...

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Corporate drapes : Game Changers!

I love to break rules and change the game (well, with clothes and get away with it!). Getting dressed up with blazers and dark colors for work could be boring most times so I have come up with versatility as a plan B. Looking my best every work day is my aim and at the same time breaking the dress code with ...

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Violet Bannerman, the Ankara Slayer!

Violet Bannerman  a blogger, personal and celebrity stylist and personal shopper is always slaying in Ankara and we definitely nod our heads to her versatile creative styles. Thanks to her Instagram page (@akosuwa_vee) for making our eyes swoon! She is definitely worth style-crushing! Her style goes from casual street style to corporate work wear we just can’t get enough of Violet’s ...

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Corporate Drapes: Chasm!

Some outfits are just not perfect or suitable for work but it’s that easy to get the perfect work wear without sweating it. Some techniques work well like shirts and fitted pants, detailed tops and flare skirts, simple gowns and statement pumps, the list is endless. Note that pants and high waist skirts (especially when it’s black in color) can ...

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Ankara Styles #118: Step Up!

It can’t be any better with brand new styles for the week ladies! Hope your week was awesome? Step up in this week in style and stay ahead of the game. Infuse fringe into your Ankara style and keep an eye on the skater dress because it’s full of magic! Here are some stunning pics for you hunnays!     ...

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Ankara Styles : Fancy!

Nothing beats dressing up and looking fancy in your Ankara dress! Weekends are for taking major ‘fashion risks’ and getting away with it *winks* so even though it’s just Wednesday (sniff sniff) we have rounded up so styles you should definitely try this weekend. Seems like this weekend is going to be super stylish for you with these hot styles ...

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PICTURES: See Over 50 Of The Cutest Babies Dressed In African Fashion & Going Viral

Today we bring you some of the cutest babies and toddlers in African fashion that have been part of the viral phenomenon of African cstyles. These kids have proven that their fabulous parents couldn’t have dressed them up any better than connecting them with the African trends. In case you are raising any of these beautiful kids of your own, ...

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