Farming in Ghana

How to Start a Pig Farm in Ghana 2 of 3

This is a continuation of part 1. See also How to Start a Pig Farm in Ghana 1 of 3. Feeding your Pigs Feeding is critical in pig farming because good and nutritious feed facilitates good production. Good feed is necessary for growth, body maintenance and the production of meat and milk. You can use locally available feed that are less ...

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How to Start a Pig Farm in Ghana 1 of 3

INTRODUCTION Pigs are often called swine, hog, or pig when there is no need to distinguish it from other pigs. It is a large and even-toed ungulate. It is variously considered a subspecies of the wild boar or a distinct species. The domestic pig’s head-plus-body-length ranges from 0.9 to 1.8 m (35 to 71 in), and the adult can weigh between 50 to 350 kg (110 to 770 lb). Its head is relatively long, ...

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