Call Bukom Banku to order – Psychologist to Mahama


A Clinical Psychologist, Dr Emmanuel Asampong has urged President John Mahama to call boxer cum musician Brimah Kamoko aka Bukom Banku to order over his indecent public conduct in recent times.

According to him, it is important that President Mahama whom Bukom Banku always associates himself with, reprimands the boxer.

Bukom Banku of late has come under heavy flak from the public, following series of videos on social media endorsing President Mahama and the ruling party in an “uncivilized” manner.

In his recent videos on social media, the Bukom based controversial boxer released another ‘campaign’ video revealing his butt, much to the chagrin of many well meaning Ghanaians.

His conduct comes after the warning by NDC General Secretary, Johnson Asiedu that the party will not countenance such ‘bad-mannered’ endorsement from persons, who relish projecting President Mahama.

Speaking on TV 3 News, Dr Asampong who’s also a Lecturer at the University of Ghana stated that the time has come for the President crack the whip on the uncultured boxer.

“This is somebody who has been doing some of these things over the years and it’s almost like he’s been reinforced as in people have approved of some of the things he has done; and even when he’s done some of the things that are not right he hasn’t been punished in any way and so he’s taken it as though he can do anything and get away with it.

“For every right meaning person you have a difficulty understanding some of his pronouncement.

I think for the very people he claims to be associated with, this is the time that they have to make pronouncement themselves so that he (Bukom Banku ) will know that …look it is not the case that I can go around and say I’m associated with this person or I belong to this person so I can do anything and get away with it.

Once that this is done, then he’ll come to realize that it has gotten to time that it’s not everything he does that people approve of, if that is not done then he’ll continuously think that people approve of what he’s doing and it would be very difficult for him to stop it.”



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