Bukom Banku possessed- Ayitey Powers


Michael Ayitey Okine popularly known as Ayitey Powers is advocating for spiritual cleansing for his friend following his recent conduct of skin bleaching and fixing of eye lashes.

He believes that Banku could be under a spell and it is only through spiritual deliverance from a true Man of God he can be cured of his current predicament which seems to be getting out of hand

“I know what will happen to this guy (Bukom Banku), this guy needs deliverance and if he refuses to be delivered he will regret what will happen to him.”, he revealed

Banku in recent times has been tongue-lashed for bleaching his skin claiming it is his wife who convinced him to do that.

His pal Ayitey who is speaking publicly about the issue for the first time, said he has on several occasions advised Banku to stop bleaching but indicate the latter has proven impervious.

He was quoted on one of his interviews as saying; “I am bleaching my skin because when John Mahama wins 2016 elections, he will make me Ghana ambassador to Germany. I am bleach myself for German people to know that German people and Bukom Banku are one,” he said.

“Bleaching can’t affect my skin because I have a very good skin. Again rashes can’t affect me because I am using cleaning Claire and I am taking medicine as well. So if you see me now, you will observe that I am from Germany. I want Ghanaians to know that I am a German now.”

“If I don’t bleach they won’t give me that position…and if you see me now I look fresh because of President John Mahama,” he added.


Source: ultimate1069.com

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