Bukom Banku needs psychiatric checks – Amin Lamptey


Bukom Banku is becoming unbecoming, and he needs his head checked.

That’s the reckoning of former Public Relations Officer of the Ghana Boxing Authority, Mohammed Amin Lamptey. For him, the controversial boxer’s recent behaviour has gone into the realm of the para-normal.

Amin, in an interview with Joy Sports, stressed that the boxer, known in real life as Braimah Kamoko, is in serious need of help, and not ostracism.

“For me, and I want to repeatedly say, that Bukom Banku should be checked, mentally.”

“I am not saying the Bukom Banku is sick, I’m not saying that Bukom Banku is mad, I’m not saying that Bukom Banku is suffering from any mental ailment but I think that he needs to be checked, mentally. Maybe we need a psychiatrist to see if something is wrong”.

Banku’s recent eccentricities have been wide-ranging. Several reports have been lodged at various police stations about his penchant for beating up people – mostly women – in the Bukom area. But no arrests have been effected because the victims have repeatedly not shown up to give testimony at crucial times.

In the last two weeks, the boxer has released a video of himself fondling the breasts of what appeared to be teenage girls.

However, it is his recent journey into skin-bleaching that has boggled those who know the cruiser weight boxer. He has boorishly posted several photos of himself at different stages of severe skin-toning, which he has defended by claiming it is inspired by his wife.

Amin says, “I think the time has come for us to assist Bukom Banku. I think Bukom Banku is seriously having a mental problem. This is why i think so; Bukom Banku is my very close friend. He is closer to me more than any other
person; I’m like a counselor to him.”

“It’s been a long time since I spoke to him because of his attitude. But we need to help him. He needs a psychiatrist. Maybe something is going wrong with him, because the Bukom Banku i know is not the Bukom Banku I see today.”

“What he is doing for me is out of the ordinary,” Amin stressed.
Among other things, the boxer claims to be a musician and an actor.


Source: myjoyonline.com

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