Blakk Rasta’s apology not ‘genuine’ – MPs

blak rassta

Some MPs are not convinced that the apology rendered by embattled Hitz FM presenter Blakk Rasta was ‘genuine’ enough to be forgiven after branding parliamentarians as ‘wee’ smokers.

Two Volta regional MPs, NDC Ho West Emmanuel Kwasi Bedzra and NDC MP North Dayi George Loh are leading the charge that Blakk Rasta must be used to set an example that Parliament must be respected.

An MP told Joy News Blakk Rasta’s apology was “belated”. His defensive posture only melted away as the tape containing his contemptuous statements was played back to him.

Blakk Rasta born Aboubakar Ahmed claimed, 80% of MPs smoke the illegal substance marijuana, a claim he said doctors can confirm through blood test on the lawmakers.

Incensed by his commentary on Hitz FM’s Entertainment News, Blakk Rasta was dragged before the Privileges Committee to explain why he should not be punished for contempt.

Blakk Rasta says he ”unreservedly” apologises. He made his comments while “on heat”, he said. The committee is expected to present its report and submit it to parliament where the whole House will take a decision.

According to Article 300 of the 1992 Constitution, Blakk Rasta could face criminal prosecution if Parliament finds him guilty and could direct the Attorney-General to take action.

Hitz FM programs coordinator, Mark Okraku Mante however explained that the artiste and marijuana advocate was indeed sorry for his comments.

He explained any perception that he was not looking apologetic enough is down to his “temperament”.

“Anybody who knows Blakk Rasta, knows he speaks aggressively. This is the lowest tones I have ever heard [of Blakk Rasta]. He was not in the right gear today”, Okraku explained.

“He has learnt his own lessons”, the programs coordinator pleaded leniency.

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