Black Maidens Players Paid $1000 Each To Leave Hotel


Each player of the Ghana U17 female national team has been paid $1000 each out of the $2,000 owed them to leave the Maresat Plaza Hotel.

This comes after the players, and the technical team refused to leave the Maresat Plaza Hotel until all their per diems and bonuses are fully paid.

The team has refused to leave the Hotel since their arrival from Jordan Saturday morning after being knocked out of the FIFA Women’s U17 World Cup being staged in Jordan.

’Each player has been paid $1000 by the ministry to ensure they leave the Hotel to their various homes,’’ Management committee chairman Augustine Arhinful mentioned to abusuafmonline.

Further reports say some of the players after receiving the said amount have quickly left their Hotel while others are also preparing to leave


Source: Sportsworldghana