Bishop Warns Warmongers


The Presiding Bishop of the Church of God, Ghana, Bishop Joseph Manful Crentsil, has prophesied that any politician that will plunge the country into civil war after the December 7 elections will suffer severely for the rest of his or her life.

He therefore admonished politicians that have the plans of destabilizing the country because of their inordinate desire for political power to shun their evil plans, warning that such politicians would definitely be arrested, humiliated and prosecuted in the end.

“This is a prophecy from God: any politician that will plunge the country into chaos because of the love for political power will be arrested, humiliated and prosecuted even if he or she decides to relocate abroad,” the man of God declared.

Bishop Manful Crentsil stated emphatically that there would not be any safe place on earth for politicians and their family members that plunge the country into chaos, urging politicians to take note and behave properly in order not to incur the wrath of God.

He admonished politicians in the country to have a clean heart and shun every diabolic ploy that would cause commotion in the country and make Ghanaians refugees in other countries, noting that Ghana is surrounded by Francophone countries so the people would suffer if war breaks out.

“Your Cedi currency, which is the medium of exchange, will be not recognized if you go to Togo, Burkina Faso or Cote d’Ivoire. God forbid, if war breaks out in Ghana, the sea will be the only safe place for us Ghanaians to run to for safety,” he pointed out.

Bishop Manful Crentsil disclosed this while delivering his inaugural speech after he and other executives of the church were officially inducted into office during a well-attended church service which was held at the City Church of God at Patasi in Kumasi on Sunday.

Electoral Commission

He charged the Electoral Commission (EC) to conduct the general elections in a free, fair, transparent and credible manner so that all stakeholders would accept the outcome for peace to prevail.

Bishop Manful Crentsil also urged the security agencies, especially the Ghana Police Service, to also play their crucial role in a professional manner, devoid of favouritism so that peace would be sustained before, during and after the polls.


He disclosed that he would focus on four thematic areas, including rigorous membership drive, organization of periodic workshops for members, supporting the extreme poor in the church to become self-reliant and boosting the church’s bilateral relations with other churches.

The Presiding bishop, who would steer the affairs of the church for the next four years, stated that plans were underway to offer scholarships to brilliant but needy students in the church and also equip members with skills during programmes to enhance their livelihoods.

Bishop David Mills Snr, Superintendent, Church of God International, West Africa, charged the new presiding bishop and his team to eschew sin and lead the church in truth so that their great vision of transforming the church would become a reality


Source: Daily Guide