Big X Beautiful: Why Lesego Legobane Slays!!


If you know and follow this South African beauty on Twitter or Instagram, you probably have seen this “stop perpetuating the idea that being open with your curvy body is somehow a shameful thing because it isn’t”– word!!!

Ladies should embrace their body type, be happy and be healthy-is all that matters! Lesego Legobane has proved that in every aspect.

She is BIG, BEAUTIFUL & BRAINY and to add to her CV, she is a Curvy Style Slayer! (you heard that!).

She’s a graduate of Law from WITS University and she’s a pro in Photography (dayuum!).

On Her Style Lesego Legobane (@thickleeyonce) is big on Casual wears. She goes from sporty to denim, rarely on maxis or strict corporate. Either ways she works her curves well and she’s confident in her own skin!

Lesego Legobane

Lesego Legobane

Lesego Legobane

Lesego Legobane



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