Big x Beautiful: Must-Have Wardrobe Pieces


If you had a magic wardrobe, what would you request for when you had to dress up for a date, a black tie event, a wedding or weekend hang? Well, hunnays! We have got you covered!.

Today we shall be looking at basic wardrobe staples that every curvy lady’s wardrobe.

I will pick one or two pieces from the casual outfits, work outfits, black tie events, weddings and weekend outfits and discuss.

Lets begin, shall we!

#1. Work Outfits: These can be a bit of a chore when it comes to matching colours. Sometimes you get so fed up that you just yank out your black pants and any top (just because black goes with everything) and just settle for that day’s work look. But hey, here are some outfit ideas for work

Big x Beautiful: Must-Have Wardrobe Pieces



2. Casual outfits are for lazy days and not-so serious look. They are quite easy to pull off. Just jeans it up and add a “tee” to give you an instant casual look. See some trendy casual styles below.

Essie Golden (Credit via instagram @essiegolden)



#3. Black tie events are the high class events- the formal events that needs proper planning and outfits for such occasions can be a bit cumbersome to plan for so you need to have a couple of the pieces below;

Credit via instagram @kurvaciousbella

Credit via instagram @kurvaciousbella



Some weekend ideas

Chastity Garner Valentine (Credit via instagram @thecurvycon)

chastity garner 3


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