Beware of anti-christs – Pastor Joe Baning warns


Majority of the pastors and Christian leaders in Ghana are secret “satanic agents” specially trained as agents of the antichrist, also known as the 666, Pastor Sampson Joe Baning, head of the Living Testimonies for Jesus Bible Ministry (L.T.J.B.M), has alleged.

Pastor Baning said this ongoing antichrist agenda in Ghana was happening on the blindside of many Christians in the country. He said the supposed ‘men of God’ behaved like the ‘Jewish Council’ in the days of Jesus and had arrogated to themselves the authority of being custodians of the gospel, deciding what should be taught and by who; yet they secretly engaged in all forms of vices like swindling, adultery, fornication and teaching of wrong doctrine.

He said the so-called “men of God” used the Bible to deceive their church members and engaged in commercialisation of the gospel because they had been “tactically nurtured for end time work of the false prophet and the antichrist.”

“Mark my words and watch their steps. This section of the clergy or so-called men of God who see themselves as custodians of the Christian faith has created a powerful clique behind institutionalised Christianity.

“They have formed various councils who shamelessly switch allegiance from one ruling government to another and compete with politicians at public functions for fame and recognition. They exploit public opinion to espouse populist views on national issues based on their whims and caprices. Sometimes it is shameful how they struggle to pray for presidents for financial gains, favours and popularity.

“Make no mistake; this category of the clergy could be archbishops, bishops, right reverends, general overseers, etc. When non-high calibre pastors muddy the waters with bad activities they quickly exploit the situation and castigate them, yet they are the same people who secretly mentor and ordain them,” Pastor Baning noted in his address at the Narrow Way Gospel Revival Message Project held at the Teachers Hall in Accra over the weekend.

As head of the end time biblical mysteries and prophetic revelation ministry, Pastor Baning stated that the Narrow Way Gospel Revival Message Project was upholding the testimony of Jesus Christ, which is to preach the unadulterated salvation message that God gave humanity through Jesus Christ.

Pastor Baning explained that as a servant of God, his duty was to create awareness about the second coming of Christ, which was around the corner, by exposing the lies and end time deception in Christianity perpetrated by a greater part of the clergy.

Pastor Baning warned that a dangerous trend going on in Ghana was for some members of the clergy to hide behind a supposed peace campaign to covertly champion the agenda of the false prophet and the antichrist (666).

He said true Christians should pray for peaceful elections and peaceful co-existence of all religions, noting that it was rather the prayers of righteous Christians that would bring about peaceful elections and not the so-called prayers of charlatan members of the clergy fraternity.

The programme, which was on the theme, “The Antichrist and the False Prophet Emerge whilst the World Sleeps,” was preceded by a mammoth float held on Wednesday, June 8, 2016 through some principal streets of Accra.


Source: DailyGuideAfrica

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