Berla Mundi details her struggles as a TV Presenter


Beautiful TV presenter, Berla Mundi has detailed some of the challenges she faces as someone who is mostly seen on the screens because of her job.

Berla Mundi, who disclosed that she got the opportunity to become a TV Presenter after participation in the Miss Malaika beauty pageant several years ago, maintained that the major challenge she faces now has to do with the assumption that she can meet everybody’s need because she is on TV.

“People see you on TV looking all flashy and the next moment they see you without make-up, they are like aww…like oh really…? Or and the fact that people think because you are on TV, you should be able to take care of the whole world. Which is a major challenge I think a lot of people out there face. We all want to help but we can’t do everything. But people can’t just accept it.”

Making an appearance on the award winning entertainment show of the year, Celebrity Fanzone on Viasat1 Ghana last Saturday, the GH One TV presenter also disclosed that people sometimes find it difficult to differentiate between the Berla on TV and the Berla not on TV.

“People assume that what they see on TV is actually who you are and so they can’t decide that okay so I am going to accept you as this kind of person off TV. Berla smiles on TV every day so everyday, Berla has to smile even if she is not in the mood.”

Berla Mundi has over the past few years distinguished herself as one of the most dedicated female TV presenters and currently runs a foundation that caters for the less privileged in society.

Celebrity Fanzone airs every Saturday at 9pm with a repeat broadcast on Wednesdays at 11 am, only on Viasat1 Ghana.


Source: Viasat1