Being More than Friends – 12 Ways to Finally Do It

goodAre you in love with a friend? Saying the wrong thing is even worse than not saying anything at all! Here’s how you can do it the right way. By Geninna Ariton

You may not always be a go getter, but you know very well that if things will be left as they have always been, you will never know if you can get what you want or who you want.

Your friend, your best friend, the very same person you always run to whenever you have something inside your head and heart that sticks like glue and annoys you like crazy until you have solved it, is the same person creating this glue-like situation in the first place.

Declaring your feelings needs a little bit of creativity

Creativity means effort and thoughtfulness and will relay the message that you would want more than what you have now.

The worry wart in you now asks, “What happens if I tell my friend how I feel?” Well, there is only one way to find out, or in this case, 12 ways. Here are twelve suggestions for how you can tell your friend that you want to be more than just that.

#1 Snail mail is the answer. Handwritten love letters are going extinct in this day and age. It is very rare to receive one, probably because of the huge amount of effort that one needs to put in to write a letter. You do not need to do this in one sitting. In fact, you need to take your time on this.

You can buy nice sheets of paper or a nice card from a bookstore and start composing your thoughts.

Write what you feel. Write how you felt the first day you met, and for this, you can either add in a bit of humor or you can go all-out romantic.

Whatever it is that your friend makes you feel, take your time to document it and describe it word per word.

Once you have composed, proofread and re-proofread, you can now send it by post. Do not hand deliver it unless you are certain you would like your friend to read the letter in front of you, as this might be unavoidable. Also, sending it by post has a surprise element to it.

#2 Romantic comedies can give the message for you. Ask your friend if you could dedicate one weekend for a movie marathon with movies of your choice.

Now, choose your movies wisely. Make sure that the messages of these movies have only one theme – friends professing their undying love toward each other. Think: One Day starring Anne Hathaway and other similar movies.

After the movie marathon, you can now have a nice opening for yourself by asking your friend, what they think of the movies. And if a similar situation arises, what are they going to do. Then you can do your own professing.

#3 Sing your heart out. You know what they say, if you cannot express yourself in writing, sing it. Ask your friend to go to a karaoke bar with you.

Dedicate a couple of songs that expresses what you feel and at the end of your mini-concert, tell your friend that you hope they listened carefully to the message or the lyrics of the song because that is what you meant to tell them all this time.

#4 Screaming it on the top of your lungs whilst in the middle of a roller coaster ride. Coupled with that adrenaline rush that you feel whenever you feel like you are being thrown off the edge of the rails will definitely pave the way to confess your undying love for your friend.

Go spend a day at the amusement park and before you leave, ride the fastest roller coaster. Hopefully, your friend will ride this with you and when you feel like you are going to scream from sheer fear, scream your feelings instead.

#5 Signs, signs, signs. Nothing says special and effort than creating that moment when you tell your friend how you feel. There are many sign companies that can do this for you. All you need is a bit of research to find a jet writer or an ad space owner or an LCD sign for hire.

The key is to find something that fits your budget but at the same time conjuring the right message. It is best to say what you have been feeling for your friend, and not to sprinkle it with too many words. If you are scrimping on budget, you can take your friend to their favorite coffee shop or restaurant.

You could talk to the manager or someone in charge to slip in a piece of paper in a menu before giving it to your friend, or if they have a board like a chalkboard, whiteboard or corkboard, you can ask them if you can write or put a message there.

#6 Have you ever been published? There are newspapers and magazines that will allow publishing of messages for a price. This will be nice if your friend is an avid reader of a particular newspaper or magazine. You can have your message to them published and be sure that you are present when they are reading it so you can follow up on the lead.

#7 The way to anyone’s heart is through food. Prepare a lavish feast, or just simple take out, whatever your friend’s favourite food is. After the meal, make sure that you have space in the stomach and time for dessert.

Now, you can use different kinds of material for this but the easiest way is to get a tray or a large plate, fill it out entirely with whipped cream, and using a chocolate syrup that hardens right away, write your message on the tray.

What you will produce will be a fluffy white background made of whipped cream with a chocolate flavored written message on top of it.

#8 Send a care package. There may be no one else who knows your friend better than you do. A care package with all those little things that you know your friend needs, like band-aids or plasters, safety pins, gum, mints, chocolate, wet wipes, amongst many others.

The little things that they always forget to buy and you ended up buying for them or they end up asking from you.

Put all of these in a small, handy pouch designed to their liking and send it, along with a small, cheesy note that will tell them how you truly feel for them and that you want to be more than friends.

#9 Spa day! If telling your friend about being more than friends scares the hell out of you, relieve your tensed self first by having a spa day.

Invite your friend to go spend a relaxing day at the spa, and before you guys leave, ask one of the personnel there to tell the message to your friend. Be creative! You can have them relay the message for you or you can make them say an opening that will make it easier for you to say you don’t want to be just friends anymore.

#10 Get out of town and get into the wild. If your friend is the adventurous type or wants to explore, try going out of town with them to a new destination or go trekking somewhere. Do something or go somewhere that the both of you haven’t gone to yet.

Then, whilst in the middle of everything, you can say, “I have always wanted to do this, but I can only imagine doing it with you, and not as your friend, but something more.”

#11 Surprise!!! An unplanned visit to the workplace or to your friend’s school is always a great idea. It’s got an element of surprise and it’ll definitely make your friend feel special.

Go to your friend’s office and surprise them with lunch, a gift or even a bouquet of flowers. Include a little script for what you want to say, and just express how you truly feel.

#12 Just do it. Just say it. At the end of it all, you know you just want to get it off your chest. All you have to do is to just say it, no theatrics, and no special preparation.

Blurt it out in the middle of shopping with your friend, or whilst watching TV, or while driving home. This is great for those who think that grand gestures will pale in comparison to a sincere confession of love.

Admitting your true feelings and asking to be more than friends will always be a challenge. It puts you in a fragile, uncertain situation where you do not know if your friend feels the same way. Don’t expect an answer from them right away though.



Source: Lovepanky