BEIGE boss champions ‘Ghanaian-owned economy’ agenda


Chief Executive Officer of the BEIGE Group, Mike Nyinaku, has backed the call for local entrepreneurs to take hold of the critical sectors of the economy as that was the only way to fast-track socio-economic growth.

He argued that home-grown businesses must take control of their various sectors of operation and strive to become recognised as competitive brands to discredit the notion that the Ghanaian economy is underpinned by the exploits of foreign multinational firms.

He said on a courtesy call to the B&FT: “Ghanaian businesses and entrepreneurs must blaze the trail in their own small corners; we must enlarge our coasts to become more competitive to attract the much-needed attention.

Ghanaians must be seen controlling their territories rather than being ‘spectators’ as if the economy depends on the exploits of foreign hands.”

“A Ghanaian-owned economy; setting the agenda for achieving it” was the theme of the just-ended Ghana Economic Forum (GEF 2016), a flagship event of the Business and Financial Times, to rally both public and private sector businesses, policymakers and relevant stakeholders to brainstorm ways to get the national economy into the hands of locals.

The inspirational entrepreneur touted the relevance of that topic as it was a sustainable way to facilitate rapid socio-economic growth.

He admitted that local businesses are not getting the needed support and attention towards the realisation an economy that is fully-owned by Ghanaians but there was the need for concerted effort and will.

Mr. Nyinaku who was adjudged “Entrepreneur of the Year” at the Ghana Economic Forum Excellence Awards, a notable recognition from fellow entrepreneurs for his tremendous commitment to the course of entrepreneurship and job-creation added: “As it stands, there is no focal point to be coordinating the realisation of this agenda but we still have to start from somewhere; local businesses need to push to get the attraction and respect.”

Chief Executive Officer of the B&FT, Mrs Edith Dankwa, assured Mr. Nyinaku of the paper’s continuous support to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship between the two institutions.

“We remain committed to support businesses and we look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship between our two institutions,” she said.

Mrs. Dankwa also touched on recent developments in the B&FT, and other long-term plans of the business.

She pledged the company’s commitment towards the growth of businesses in the country.


Source: B & FT