Bed bugs infestation drive students out of dormitories in Volta Region

1298321296616_7292517638972Teaching and learning activities at some senior high schools in the Volta Region may soon grind to a halt as bed bugs invade students’ dormitories.

The blood-sucking insects have infested the beds of students, rendering them useless to sleep in.

The situation has driven the students out of their dormitories, who have resorted to using the school’s lawns and dining rooms in their quest to find a suitable place to lay their heads.

A student of Mawuli Senior High School said sleeping in the open has also exposed students to snake bites.

He said the situation is frustrating.

According to the Volta Regional Education Director, Alexander Buadi, fumigation exercises are carried out at the end of every term at the various schools in the region, but the bugs may have developed a resistance to chemicals.

Mr. Buadi suggested that using leather covered mattresses may serve as a lasting solution to the problem.


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