Be Prepared: 21 Must-Have Items In A Lady’s Bag!


Ladies and their handbags, almost inseparable! We carry them everywhere: to work, church, school, date, market. In fact, for me I feel incomplete when I step out of the house without my handbag.

Although there are a lot of unnecessary stuff ladies carry in their bags (like roasted corn), there are some must-haves, because like the boy-scout theme, we need to always be prepared.

1. Hand Sanitizer: I think that after the whole ebola epidemic, people cut down dramatically on the use of hand sanitizers. But I think that every lady should still have a bottle of sanitizer handy to protect yourself from germs, especially if you get in contact with a lot of people or public surfaces everyday.

2. Lip gloss/Lip balm:You do not want you lips looked parched and cracked.

3. USB cord/flash drive/hard drive: Whether it’s for work or when you need to copy a movie, pictures or latest songs from a friend, a means of media transfer can be a very useful component of a lady’s bag.

4. A bottle of pepper spray: Pepperspray isn’t so common in this part of the world but it is nonetheless a very useful piece, as you can easily use it as a defense tool whenever you feel threatened.

5. Sticky notes and of course a pen: you might need to drop a note for someone or write down something important.

6. Sanitary towels/tampons: These should never leave a lady’s bag. The monthly visitor can come unannounced; she doesn’t always keep to schedule so there is need to always be ready. Even if you are always sure of your dates, still keep at least one, a friend may need it one day.

7. Tissue/wipes/handkerchief or small face towels: With the kind of sun we experience in this country, you do want to bump into meetings or dates all sweaty and looking like you are just coming from the gym.

Besides this use, just about anything can happen, maybe you spill your drink, or catch a flu, you encounter a bathroom without tissue paper, or you want to wipe off smudged make-up – whatever the use, they are handy and useful and should never leave your bag.

8. Light make-up: Now I do not expect you to carry your make-up box all around, but then you might have a surprise date or event and you are still expected to serve face. No one wants to hear the story of, “I was not ready”.

So basically this would do: a compact/powder, your favorite shade of lip stick, lip balm, eye pencil and mascara. These are light and are capable of turning you into a princess in a short space of time.

9. Pocket brushes/combs: There is need for you as a lady to constantly keep your hair in order, whether you are carrying your natural hair or wearing a weave. 10. Mint gum: Gum can help you stay awake on tired day at work or in a boring class. Mint-flavored gum can also help do away with bad breath or odour after a meal.

11. Small perfume bottle: A nice-smelling lady is always welcome.

12. Safety pins: There will surely be that day when you or a friend would be in need of safety pins, whether to secure a loose dress, serve in place of a lost button, or to hold your gele in place.

13. Shower cap: One of the biggest headaches that plague ladies when it rains is the damage the rain can do to their hair. Having a shower cap can spare you that headache.

14. Phone charger/car charger/power bank: When you are busy, you might forget to charge up your phone’s battery. A car charger is great for when you’re on the go, and a power bank for those common times when you need to power up your phone in a place without electricity.

15. Simple aspirin: A simple painkiller can help soothe you when that headache, body ache or menstrual cramps come up, so that you are able to focus well on what is in front of you.

16. Small, handy umbrellas. These days life has been made easy and you do not have to carry large umbrellas everywhere. I mean the other day, I came across one with an umbrella shaped and folded as a water bottle, it was really cute. Whether it is to protect you from the sun or from the rain, you just cannot go wrong with a handy umbrella in your bag.

17. Bobby pins, hair band: Sometimes the heat just gets to you and you need to pack up your hair, or you may even need to style your hair differently for an after-work event or date.

18. Hand/Body cream and lotion. This is extremely useful during harmattan but then even without harmattan, you will need to continually moisturize your hands, legs neck and other constantly exposed part of your body.

19. Sunglasses: Sunglasses helps protect your eyes when its sunny and it is also fashionable and available in different shades, styles and color. Please when it is rainy or dark or you enter a room, an enclosed place, kindly put it back in its case and do not leave it on your face or hanging on your head. lol!

20. Business cards: You never know who you would meet; always have a bunch of your business cards in your handbag.

21. Vex money: I am sure you know about this one. Do not leave your house without emergency-cash!


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