Be more accountable in leadership – Bawumia urges Muslims

Running-mate to the flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party, Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia, has urged Muslims in political leadership to be accountable in managing state resources.

Speaking at the 56th National Conference of the Ghana Muslim Mission in Kumasi, Dr. Bawumia said the conduct of adherents of Islam who find themselves in leadership positions should reflect the teachings of the religion.

Dr. Bawumia admonished his fellow Muslims to “make sure that whenever we find ourselves in leadership positions, we take care of those missions for the benefit of this country”.

Insisting that corruption in various forms is killing the country, he specifically made mention of the SADA and GYEEDA scandals, among others, which have deprived the country of much-needed development.

Everywhere you look, he lamented, there is stealing, stealing and more stealing and “this has got a direct bearing on the welfare of the people”.

Speaking on the same platform, the Chairman of the Ghana Muslim Mission, Sheikh Dr. Amin Bonsu emphasized good personal hygiene and proper waste disposal practices.

According to him, Islam is built on strong principles of personal hygiene and environmental cleanliness.

He, therefore, decried the absence of urban planning and bad environmental practices in many communities which in his opinion have contributed to poor sanitation and resulting in health problems. This, he said is highly indecent.

Sheikh Bonsu thus called on adherents of the religion to make environmental cleanliness a priority.

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