Avoid media trials – Chief Justice advises lawyers


The Chief Justice Theodora Georgina Wood has cautioned lawyers in the country against arguing their cases in the media.

“…I wish once again to caution learned colleagues against Media trials. Those media discourses come off to us as interviews, then they may decide to court sympathies to one spot and to incite public emotions against an opponent’s case on the bench.

“In the best traditions of the profession, there are legal avenues and processes for correcting decisions of the court and so I will urge you to adopt these mechanisms to seek redress,” the Chief Justice told lawyers at the ongoing 2016/2017 annual BAR conference in Accra.

She also urged the lawyers to always remember that their first loyalty is to the cause of justice.

For her part, the Attorney General Marietta Brew Appiah-Oppong cautioned lawyers against encouraging disgruntled losers in the upcoming polls.

“…The speed with which matters are disposed off, depend to a greater extent, on the cooperation of lawyers, beside the nature of proceedings. Employing technicalities to delay proceedings is the lawyer’s version of abuse of power and must be avoided.

“In short, lawyers should contribute positively to the electoral process and should desist from giving disgruntled persons or losers the chance to scuttle the process when there is no merit. Lawyers must respect their profession in order not to be used by anyone,” she noted.


Source: starrfmonline