Aussies warned to keep drones away from ANZAC Day celebrations


Keep your drones at home, folks.

Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority is warning punters to keep their flying toys away from crowds during the country’s ANZAC Day celebrations Monday.

The memorial day for all those who served in war, held each year on April 25, marks the date Australian troops landed at Gallipoli, Turkey in 1915 during World War I. Parades and fly pasts by military planes are aways a feature, and to keep everyone safe, CASA would prefer drone incidents not be a part of the day.

“What people are trying to do of course is get good pictures of the Anzac Day events, and that’s understandable but they’ve got to understand there are some risks,” CASA spokesperson Peter Gibson told ABC News.

“It’s really important to follow these safety rules, they’re simple but they’re really important. People have got respect those regulations and indeed there are penalties if you breach those rules.”

Under current rules, drones must remain within line-of-sight and away from populous area. In addition, they cannot come within 30 metres of buildings or people.

As more Australians get their hands on recreational drones, the regulatory body is being forced to clarify when and where they can be flown. In late 2015, CASA had to remind people to keep the gadgets away from bushfires, despite the opportunity to take spectacular video and photos.

“There are more drones than ever, so we needed to do something to educate the public,” Gibson told Mashable Australia at the time.

Source : Mashable

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