Atta Mill’s Care Ghana Donates To 37 And Police Hospital

atta milAtta Mills Care Ghana,has made donations to 37 Hospital and Police Hospital flood victims.

Atta Mills Care Ghana which has been in existence for about 10 years, on 1st July, donated several items to fire-flood victims at the 37 Military Hospital and Accra Police Hospital.

The founder and the CEO of the NGO, Mr. Kofi Mills, who presented the items to both 37 and Police Hospital together with Betty K. Mills, said that they have donated and visited some areas since the fire-flood occurred, so they decided to donate to both hospitals as well.

Samuel Kofi Atta Mills, who is the son of Ghana’s late President, Prof John Evans Atta Mills, disclosed that the 37 Military Hospital is doing a great job and looking at the fact that his father passed away three (3) years ago at the same hospital, he can’t visit other places without visiting the 37 Police Hospital.

At the Police Hospital, ACP Emmanuel Bossoh, who received the items on behalf of the hospital, stated that he only sees the late President’s son in the papers and on television but has never met his corporeal self before and so was thus very humbled to meet him. He urged Kofi Mills to continue doing the good job for mother Ghana.

ACP Emmanuel Bossoh added that though they have received many donations from many people, Sam Kofi Mill’s donation remains the very largest donation received since the June 3rd tragedy happened.

In an interview with Betty K Mills who is an executive member of the Atta Mills Care Ghana, revealed that the NGO has been in existence for about 10 years now.

“When the old man was alive, he used to show love and donate to orphans, the needy and the deprived ones in the society, so when he passed away, we didn’t want that idea to die off so Kofi Mills decided to register it as an NGO and the good works his late dad was did” she said.

According to madam Betty Mills, their next donation will be in the Volta region (Keta) to donate to hundreds of residents in Horve Havedzi who have been rendered homeless following tidal waves that swept away their homes early this year.