Asiedu Nketsia will lose – N/R National Organiser predicts

The Northern Regional Organiser of the National Democratic Congress(NDC), Godfred Wumbei has predicted a defeat for the party’s General Secretary, Asiedu Nketsia in today’s congress.

According to Wumbei, Asiedu Nketsia has not shown enough commitment to merit the endorsement of party members.

“The party is not his liability company that he can use it as his own company…he is an aspirant and he has never made an attempt to see the region, to see how we are faring, to see what is happening on the ground and he wants us to vote and retain him?I don’t think that will happen,” he said.

An unknown Abdullah Ishaq Farrakhan of the Obuasi Constituency office of the party will be contesting Asiedu Nketsia.

Farrakhan is so far the only member of the party who is contesting Asiedu Nketsia, who was initially expected to go unopposed.

Vote old executives out of office

Godfred Wumbei has also urged delegates in the Northern Region to vote all the old executives out of office.

According to him, the old executives are lazy and could cause the party to lose the 2016 general election.

In an interview with Citi News, the Northern Regional Organiser of the party, Godfred Wumbei insisted the party needs a new leadership to retain power in 2016.

“…None of the national executives have come to their constituencies to see how they are faring. There wasn’t any outreach programme that was introduced by the old executives and I think it was big blow to us,” he said.

“If President John Dramani had not worked extra hard the party would have been in trouble and that is why I am calling all the delegates in the Northern Region to kick out all the old executives and replace them with new ones… we don’t need the lazy ones, we want the hardworking and those who are competent to win power in 2016,” Wumbei added.

The NDC’s much anticipated national delegates congress comes off in the Ashanti Regional capital, Kumasi today.

An aggrieved member had secured an injunction against the party’s congress but the suit was withdrawn on Thursday.

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