Armed robbers shoot two at Bole after notifying residents

robberyArmed robbers have shot and badly wounded two people at a community in Bole called Dollar Power after posting a notice at a chief’s palace warning about their intentions.

The armed robbers were said to have threatened to hide along a particular stretch of road leading to a galamsey site and take GHC1, 000 from every female and GHC2, 000 from every male that uses that route or they will shoot them dead.

The notice was posted about a week ago and the youth of the area has since mounted road blocks in the area to ward of the armed robbers.

But on Wednesday, the robbers stormed the area with guns, wearing masks and attacked the youth who have mounted the road blocks.

They shot two of them and the youth also shot two of the armed robbers who managed to get away.

Adom News Correspondent Rebecca Natomah who spoke with the two gunshot victims, reports that the armed robbers actually told the victims “we will kill you because you are denying us of our daily bread.”

One of the wounded youth told Rebecca he was shot twice but he managed to take the gun from one of the armed robbers and shot him before they all fled.

Rebecca reported that one of the victims kept vomiting blood when she visited them at the Bole Government Hospital.

The chief of Dollar Power Ibrahim Saibu confirmed the incident, saying that one of the wounded youth was among the people he dispatched to keep the roads safe, but the second one was just a young man traveling on that route.

He said when the notice was posted at his palace, they reported to the police but he had no clue the armed robber were going to act soon.

Dollar Power Wura Ibrahim Saibu said he is confident the police will act swiftly and fish out the armed robbers, one of whom was shot during the tussle with the youth.

But the Bole Police District Commander, ASP Eric Awiedam before they can get to Dollar Power, they have to cross a river and get into Cote d’Ivoire before travelling back into Ghana, and that can create security problems between them and the Ivorian police.

He said even the Dollar Power community is under the Game and Wildlife and they are supposed to guard the place so Ghana police hardly goes there.

“There are lot more things that travelers on that route go through, even with the Ivorian police and armed robbers but people hardly report to the Ghana police,” he said.

ASP Awiedam is suggesting that National Security should get involved in the matter and work with the Ivorian security to protect travelers on that route because it has become a haven for armed robbers and illegal miners.