Apple’s App Store just had its best month ever


In case anyone still thought apps were dying, Tim Cook just laid that theory to rest.

The company’s App Store set a new record for the month of July, Cook revealed.

The month saw Apple’s highest ever monthly billings and the biggest amount paid out to developers in a single month, he said in a tweet.

 Cook didn’t elaborate on the source of the success but we suspect Pokémon Go likely had something (or a lot) to do with it, as Niantic’s game has been smashing records left and right.
Again, Pokémon Go was likely a significant factor in that success. The app generates more than $10 million a day between iOS and Android, according to analytics firm App Annie, who estimates the game has already been installed more than 100 million times (the game launched at the beginning of July.)

Those are pretty staggering numbers no matter how you look at it. While there’s some speculation that Pokémon Go won’t be able to maintain its initial momentum, it seems clear that Apple, at least, has already benefitted in a huge way.


Source: Mashable