Apple unveils upgraded four-inch iPhone


Apple has unveiled an ungraded four-inch iPhone, a new iPad tablet for business use and reduced the price of the Apple Watch during its latest launch event in Cupertino.

The announcements are aimed at boosting the tech giant’s commercial momentum after a recent levelling in sales of the company’s flagship iPhone products.

The new phone – named the iPhone SE – is an upgrade to the older four-inch iPhone 5S, which was released in 2013.

The device is aimed at consumers who are yet to upgrade to the bigger-screen iPhone 6 models that have been introduced over the past two years.

It will be available from 24 March, and comes with features like Apple Pay and the company’s fastest processor.

Apple also unveiled a smaller model of the iPad Pro, which the company introduced last year with several features – like a detachable keyboard and stylus – designed for business users.

The price of the Apple Watch has been cut and will now start at $299 in the US, and £259 in the UK.

Apple’s latest product launch comes a day before a federal judge in Southern California hears arguments in the company’s encryption battle with the FBI.

The tech giant insists the government’s plan would compromise security for all iPhone users.

The dispute was mentioned only briefly during today’s event, with CEO Tim Cook saying: “We did not expect to be in this position.

“But we believe we have a responsibility to protect your data and to protect your privacy.”

Technology analysts have responded favourably to the new products, arguing that they will allow Apple to reach new markets.

Stephen Ebbett, global director of gadget insurer Protect Your Bubble, said: “A less powerful processor would have been perfectly acceptable in a cheaper iPhone but, with the processor and graphics on par with the iPhone 6S, you’re left wondering what features have Apple scrimped on to keep costs down?

“Other than the screen size, not many it seems.
“Those who weren’t bowled over by the 5C, Apple’s previous lower-cost iPhone, should be willing to give the SE more serious consideration.

“It certainly looks more grown up, with a metal body, and decidedly less bold colour options than the 5C.”


Source: Sky News

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