Another Corporate Drapes to choose from


I’m feeling a bit happy today, so I went all out to select different styles for today’s corporate drapes.

And trust me, it’s necessary to go easy with the work outfits sometimes too. Just so you can feel free and breathe when needed. All work and more work can get you uptight if you don’t tread carefully.

Not so much words to say… I just hope you enjoy today’s picks *mwah!*

Look 2: @mamichouxx looks stunning in a green dress and pink shoe!

Look 3: @e.n.k.a.y paired her red dress with a white jacket

Look 1: @fashionyoungmum looks comfy in a light chiffon blouse, a pretty skit and a jacket on!

Look 2: @charitybaaitse is stunning in her simple black dress!

Look 3: @fabrostyling looking simple and at  the same time stylish.

Look 4: @titispassion stays fly in her dress and makes it look more playful by adding a colourful brooch



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