Angolan trade unions call for transparency use of public resources

The Angolan trade union confederation on Friday called for improved and more transparent and rational use of public resources with greater investments in agriculture, education and health to ensure better living conditions for workers.

In a statement to mark the international labor day, the trade unions also called on the government to implement collateral measures to address the adverse effects resulting from the current economic and social situation in the country which was under the influence of falling international oil prices. The statement urged employers in the African country to implement training actions or professional upgrading that ensure technical quality of their employees.

The document stressed the need to improve the inspection mechanism and penalties for employers who fail to meet the provision on social security while calling for speed and impartiality of the courts in dealing with labour procedures, creation and equipping more court workrooms throughout the country.
The Angolan government staged no official ceremony to mark the international labor day which was declared a public holiday in the African country.

Source : xinhua