ANAS’ VIDEO: The 11 “RIGHTEOUS” Judges who refused to take bribe

Investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas has submitted a list of 11 judges who demonstrated that “justice has no price” in a judicial scandal that has shaken public confidence.

Some of these judges were “more than ready to put me behind bars” he said after attempts to bride them failed.

For those that Anas’ investigative team Tiger Eye succeeded in bribing, 22 circuit court judges and magistrates have been suspended.

The Judicial Council has set up a five-member committee to discipline those implicated after outcome of the investigations.

Trending cyncism and damaged confidence

Already public confidence has taken a nose dive. Commentary strewn on social media has been largely negative. Vice-President of local think-tank IMANI Ghana Kofi Bentil writes

“Dear God,…..Some people who took bribes and refused to give justice are seeking justice. God eee, I suppose they want a fair trial, but they did not give that to others…So God, why don’t you give them a Judge who will collect bribe and throw their case out. Infact God do something wai, some of us cant stand this anymore!”

Joy FM Editor Araba Koomson  write: “Justices seeking justice. Using technicalities to escape punishment. You will definitely get your due punishment. Even if its is not on earth. One way or the other, you will get it!”

Newsfile panelists: [L] Kweku Baako, lawyer Clara Beeri, host Samson Lardy, former Chief of Staff Ato Dadzie, lawyer John Ndebugri

Tha bastions of hope

Managing Editor of the New Crusading Guide Abdul Malik Kweku Baako who groomed Anas Aremeyaw during his early days as a journalist revealed on JOYNEWS’ NewsFile Saturday, the investigations also found some principled judges who Anas recommends must be celebrated by the state.

He said Anas has written to the Chief Justice presenting a list of “good and moral” judges.

Presenting the names of these judges, Kweku Baako said it is a matter of fairness to celebrate those who were not lured by money and goats.

Roll of Honour

Justice Kwesi Boakye                    HC, Wa

Bright Mensah                                 HC, Accra

Constance hometorwu                  HC, Accra

Georgina mensah                           HC, Accra

Afia serwaa ASARE                         HC, Accra

Anthony oppong                               HC, Accra

Felicia                                                DC, Abeka

Charles Kwesi Acheampong        DC, Dodowa

Samuel Quartey                               DC, Ejiusu

Abdul Abullaih                                  DC, Tuobudom

Bright Ajosagi                                   DC,

*HC= High Court, *DC = District Court

Ghana has about 400 judges. In the yet-to-be-released investigative video that has sparked judicial inquiry, nearly 10% of judges were alleged to be corrupt.