Anas tell western media: “I don’t care about your criticism”

Anas Aremeyaw Anas

 Ace investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, has hit back at Western media which criticize his style of journalism.

The undercover investigator’s exploits have won him several international and local awards.

He says he disagrees to any criticism bordering on journalism ethics, once his work is bringing the needed result to impact positively on Ghana and Africa.

You amaze me when I hear such questions. The kind of journalism I do is a product of my society. Is journalism not about the people? I think that journalism is about leading people to live .You cant sit down in London or the US and define what journalism is in my country”. Anas has stressed.

Speaking at this year’s Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Norway, Anas took a swipe at his critics, saying they have lost touch with the people.

He told the gathering knowing and living with challenges Ghanaians and Africans face, his prime objective is to practice the kind of journalism that will bring relief to the masses.

In one breath, I am being criticized as a bad journalist who does not obey any ethics. I disagree.

In the same breath, we have the BBCs, CNNs and the Aljazeeras coming to work with us. So when we are doing stories in our countries then its bad journalism but when we collaborate with them that is good journalism?

But for me, the key issue is I wont let anybody to come and define journalism is. The cardinal principle that governs this job is that; we must lead society in a progressive manner. And I know I am doing it. I can feel the real impact. If somebody has lost touch with journalism, we have to find out. I don’t think we have lost it at all in Africa”, charged Anas stressed.

Thirty-four judges and 146 judicial service workers are being investigated for their roles in Anas’ latest investigative piece, Ghana in the Eyes of God, which deals with judicial corruption.

Unhappy about persistent accusations by Western media who describe his style of practice as beyond ethics, he vowed to reject any criticism that will impose ideologies on him.

I see nothing wrong for a journalist taking one step forward and the law enforcement agency taken one step forward and all of them coming together to get a better society. I see nothing wrong with it. Look this is what the people want anyway so if you sit somewhere and decide to define journalism in a particular block to suit you, that is your business. But for us, we are making an impact. Our people like it”.

“If you want to go to according to the sermons and sermonizing of ethics, that is your business”. He fired.

Meanwhile, his worry about Ghanaian and African media is what he says is the lack of courage to ask tough questions.

I think that when you look at press freedom, Ghana scores very high.

Ghana is not a place where you speak and everybody will clamp down on your right

But now we’ve left that era. Its not about the rights. Its what we the journalists ought to do with the right. This judges issue is very dear to my heart and I think its very worse in other African countries. Even the courage to question is not there and that saddens my a lot. I’m sure that if all of us can question our various systems and institutions, we will move forward more rapidly”.

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