Anas’ lawyer is unethical and dishonest – Amidu

97028889.295Former Attorney General and Minister of Justice Martin Amidu has launched a scathing attack on Kissi Adjabeng, lawyer for Investigative Journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, describing him as “unethical and dishonest”.

Amidu’s attack is in response to claims by Mr. Adjabeng that the anti-corruption campaigner was being “intellectually arrogant” with allegations that Tiger Eye PI was a fraudulent and a dummy company being used by Anas to swindle Ghanaians.

Speaking on the Morning Starr Friday, Amidu dared Adjabeng who he also described as a mediocre lawyer to be honest and prove that Tiger Eye PI is duly registered and a legal entity.

“He (Adjabeng) is an unethical lawyer, a lawyer must be honest and speak the truth at all times,” Amidu told host Nii Arday Clegg.

The former Attorney General added: “I have explained that Tiger Eye PI media limited have different objectives from Tiger Eye PI in Ghana and I have ordered him to produce the certificate of incorporation, these are facts, it is not intellectual dishonesty”.

“He himself is a surrogate of the state, he is not honest, is he not with [Dominic] Ayine (Deputy AG) and co?, if Ayine were wise he would have looked for a lawyer who has nothing to do with him to pass Anas over to and not his former colleague lecturer at Legon with Raymond Atuguba, can’t they see they are not being smart.

“…The way he (Adjabeng) is behaving, I just shudder what kind of things he is teaching the new law students… I am better than him in the law, he should know that, he should read the law reports, I am more senior to him in the profession and I am not being intellectually arrogant, being honest and forthright and showing integrity is not arrogance.”


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