Ananse: The Rich Farmer

Once upon a time, Kweku Ananse who was very poor sat down quietly in his village and thought of how to be rich. “I have a wife and only four sons to look after yet life is being cruel and wicked to me”, he thought.

The very next day, he went to all the houses of the rich people including the chief saying “My wife is almost dying in her sick bed. Kindly lend me some amount of money to send her to a herbalist for cure”.

They kindly gave him as much money as he wanted as gifts to his poor wife.

Later Ananse bought a very big plot of land in the name of his uncle as well as seeds for planting. He met most of the young men of the village at a popular palmwine bar and told them that his uncle in the city had asked him to make a big farm for him and so he wanted to hire them to weed and plant the seeds.

He also promised to pay them generously, so they all agreed to work for him.

Day after day, whilst the men weeded and planted the seeds, Ananse relaxed under a shaded tree and smoked his pipe. That year the climate was very good so the plants grew well and once again, he hired men to harvest for him.

It was a bountiful harvest and after selling his produce, Ananse became very rich.

He again bought a new land and built for himself and his family, a big luxurious home, which he had always dreamed of. He did all these things in the name of his uncle who never existed.

Ananse lived a very happy life and always thought of how clever he had been until one day, his last born “Tikonokono” foolishly but unintentionally revealed the secret behind his fathers prosperity to the chief’s son.

He was very proud that his father had used the money and strength of other people to become rich. The chief’s son reported this to his father who in turn told all the men in the village about Ananse’s trickery.

This greatly annoyed them and they all took different types of weapons ranging from cutlasses to sticks of different shapes and sizes and marched to Ananse’s house to chop him up into pieces.

On their way, they were all talking angrily. The noise attracted Ananse who was smoking his pipe leisurely in front of his house.

He quickly sat up because he sensed danger when he saw the weapons in their hands. He was so scared that he threw his pipe away and ran swiftly into his room and hid in the corner of his ceiling.

That is why spiders are usually found in the corners of our rooms.


Source: fb/UncleTellUsAStory