Amidu to head to court to ‘expose’ Anas

anas-storms-court-1-581x330Former Attorney-General Martin Amidu is threatening to head to court to prove that Tiger Eye PI is a “fraudulent and dummy” organization.

Mr. Amidu has been on the heels of Tiger Eye PI in his recent publications calling it a “fraudulent” organization adding that the courts will offer him a fine opportunity to prove his point.Speaking exclusively to Citi News, Mr. Amidu maintained that Tiger Eye PI is not recognized under the country’s company laws hence his challenge.

Mr. Amidu insisted that Anas is not a journalist and that “Tiger Eye PI is not [also] a journalist, it is a dummy company with objects, which are not registered, not recognized by the company’s code [and] not recognized by LI 1517. The government itself under LI1517 is prohibited from using such a person to do [any] investigation.”

The Citizen Vigilante, as affectionately called insisted that “an anti-corruption campaigner must show integrity, must [also] not be an agency of government, it doesn’t matter whether you disclose your agency so  I think that if it comes to going to court, we may have to do that.”

Martin Amidu had in his recent epistles accused Anas of being commissioned by government to expose rot in the judiciary, a claim the investigative journalist had denied.

He also accused Anas and the government of deliberately editing part of the judicial corruption video to shield some of the judges.

He has also accused Anas of refusing to release a video allegedly capturing some corrupt Members of Parliament despite investigating them.


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