You’d think that in the age of online dating, where we have instant access to hundreds and thousands of men, that it would be easier than ever to land the man of our dreams. But it’s actually getting harder and harder all the time.

Although online dating might have made it easier to search for men, it certainly hasn’t made it easier to land our dream man. After all, trying to find Prince Charming among hundreds of thousands of dating site profiles is as tricky as trying to find a needle in a haystack. Difficult!

If you’re now fed up of waiting around for your prince to sweep you off your feet, here are 10 amazing secrets to help you land the man of your dreams.

Know What You Want

Do you even know what you want from a man and a relationship? If you don’t, this could be the number one reason why you’ve failed to find your soul mate so far.

When we don’t know what want, we find it super difficult to attract a man we actually like. Torn between wanting someone fun and outgoing and someone fun but who prefers to stay in and read a book with us, we end up dating nobody at all.

Write down a list of the top qualities you want from a man, as well as what you want to get out of a relationship. Do you want kids? A house?

Ask Your Friends For Help

Although you might not want to admit it, sometimes your friends really do know you better than you know yourself. And not only do they know the type of person who will be right for you, but they might already have a friend waiting in the wings.

Ask your friends if they know a potential match. If they do, great! You guys could head out on a date and see what happens.

Look Ready At All Times

Imagine if you bumped into your dream man in a coffee house one morning, but because you hadn’t fixed your hair and was wearing your scruffy gym clothes, he didn’t give you a second glance? DISASTER!!

It’s important that you look at your best all the time whenever you leave the house, because you just never know when you’re going to bump into Prince Charming. Make sure that your hair is right, your makeup is on-point, and your clothes are perfect. Dress to impress every single day because you just never know what’s around the corner.

Use The Right Dating Sites

There are a lot of dating sites out there, and the one you choose can go a long way to determining how successful or unsuccessful you are. Choosing the best one for you, your personality and interests can improve your chances of meeting Mr Right 100%.

If you aren’t sure about which dating site to use, there are dating site directories that compare different sites before matching you up with the one best suited to you

Meet New People

The man of your dreams isn’t going to knock on your door anytime soon with a smile and a diamond ring. He’s out there somewhere, but he needs you to leave the house to go and find him.

Meeting new people is important if you’re to meet a new man. To improve your odds, you should start doing things that are within your interests. If you want to learn a new language, why not go to a language class instead of learning by yourself at home?

There are lots of things you could do, from art shows to networking events.

Ask The Right Questions

Guys often complain that they’re the ones asking all the question when it comes to online dating. But though you might argue that you don’t know what to ask, asking nothing at all will make it really difficult for you to find out whether or not he is the One.

Not only is it important that you ask questions, but it’s also important that you ask the right questions. Avoid mundane, boring Yes or No questions and get him to reveal interesting things about his personality, likes and dislikes.

Stop Settling For Second Best

We’ve all headed out on dates we weren’t really sure about. We knew there was probably only a 50% chance that we’d actually like this guy but because things we’re getting a bit desperate and he seemed nice, we took a chance.

Eventually, we got through three dates with them before calling it off.

This is just wasting time and preventing you from finding the man of your dreams. Instead of settling for the “maybes”, focus all your time and energy on finding the One.

Go On Short Dates

If you must head out on dates frequently, it’s important that you keep things short and sweet. Short dates prevent you from wasting too much time and energy on the wrong person. Perhaps you two could arrange to meet during your lunch break at work, or maybe catch a quick coffee in the morning.

Be Honest

You’re not going to know if a man really is the man of your dreams if you spend half your time lying to him. If he tells you he loves meat but you think eating it is unethical but decide not to tell him this, you’re setting yourself up for conflict in the future.

Be honest and open about everything from the beginning. How he handles it will go some way to telling you whether or not he truly is the One.

Love Yourself

Lastly, you simply can’t meet your soul mate unless you love yourself first. Being happy, carefree, smiley and positive will give you a sparkle that will help you attract a mate who is compatible with you and your dreams.

Always be the best you can be. Have confidence in who you are, and be comfortable in your own skin. You will soon find that you start attracting similar men who are drawn to your energy.

How to meet a good man? What are your best tips?

Stay happy!


Source: BeautyandTips