Ama “Shavez” breaks silence; urges Ghanaians to unite

A member of the Council of State has implored all Ghanaians to unite with a singular purpose of building and developing the country.

Ama Benyiwa Doe who has been quiet for years now broke her silence on Christmas Day urging Ghanaians to be grateful to God and work together for development.

She admitted there has been the temptation to speak on air, but her duty as a Council of State has made it quite difficult.

She promised “Shavez” as she is popularly referred to, would make a return to mainline politics.

While admitting the many challenges facing the country, the once vibrant Women’s Organiser of the NDC gave a rallying cry for all to support the government.

She told Joy News’ Beatrice Adu every country has a peculiar challenge, but unity conquers all.

“Unity lies strength. Since Ebola encircled us in this sub-region, we have been united in prayers and hope that God will have mercy on us and God indeed has had mercy on us.

“Every country has its own challenge. Challenges of economic problems, social challenges… But when you are united and focused you would be able to gradually solve it. There is nobody with a magic wand,” she noted.

Ama Benyiwa Doe said the 2014 particularly has been a “year of turbulence. There is [the] economic situation. There is denser situation,” she indicated, but was quick to call for the support of the citizenry to solve the problems

She said people are guilty of the same corruption they accuse others of and urged every Ghanaian to be true to their conscience.

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