Akuffo-Addo’s violence? and Mahama’s incompetence and corruption?

According to the NDC, ‘Akuffo-Addo is a war monger’. He therefore does not deserve to be president. As expected, Akuffo-Addo has rejected that assertion.

We all have to consider the issue carefully because the President of the land wields so much power. As such, we cannot give it to anyone at all. I therefore thought about the issue and made the following observations.

1. Long period in public office/Politics

Akuffo-Addo is 72 years and has served in public office for a longer period than John Dramani Mahama. He (Akuffo-Addo) was part of the struggle for Ghana to return to multi-party democracy in 1992 and has been active in public service/politics to date.

As the saying goes, ‘suban te sε nyinsεn’, meaning character is like pregnancy, it cannot be hidden. Therefore, any violent nature of Akuffo-Addo would have shown over that period. But I am yet to hear of any act(s) of violence instigated/sanctioned by Akuffo-Addo over that period. He has rather been a champion for the rule of law in Ghana.

There is no place for violence at a place where there is rule of law. So for me, the evidence does not support the assertion that he is a violent person.

2. Integrity and Incorruptibility

Contrary to what his opponents would have us believe, In spite of the numerous years that he has served in public/private office, the integrity and incorruptibility of Akuffo-Addo appears to be without question. And he has made audacious statements about his incorruptibility on several occasions.

He has said on many occasions that: ‘I am not corrupt’. Recently, following the Anas’ expose of the corruption in the judiciary service, he also said publicly that he did not give or receive bribe when he practised as a lawyer.

There are very few individuals in our society (especially politicians) who will be able to make such claims publicly.

His claims have not been refuted and the fact that his main opponents in government (NDC) do not have corruption charge against him makes me to believe him.

3. Competence

Governance is a serious business which requires competent people to run affairs. Akuffo-Addo’s appointment of Bawumiah and decision to keep him as his running mate for three general elections gives indication that he would like the nation to be run by a competent team. His private legal firm (Akuffo-Addo, Prempeh & Co) is one of the most respected in Ghana. And it has trained several prominent lawyers in the country. Competence must surely be one of the factors which helped the firm to succeed. I expect he would apply the same principle in running the affairs of Ghana.

On the contrary, John Mahama focused and continues to focus more on politics rather than competence in his appointments. His appointment of the the likes of Ofosu Kwakye and Fiifi Kwetey attests to this fact. It should therefore not come as a surprise to you that things are on the decline. It’s just cause and effect.

4. Vision and legacy

John Mahama became President as a result of the untimely passing of Atta Mills. He had not plan to be president and therefore did not have a vision for Ghana. Just imagine this. You sleep one night and wake the next morning and you are made the CEO of where you are working. Would it be honourable for you? Yes of course! But would you be effective/efficient? Not likely!! That’s John Mahama for you.

On the contrary, Akuffo-Addo has been working to become president for over two decades now. At age 72, his focus will be on leaving legacy that he/his children can be proud of. One of the key things he has been trumpeting to do is to build human capital hence the free education policy. This is because (according to him), you need good human capital to make all industries (from farming to Banking) thrive well.


If I were Mahama or any of his Ministers enjoying the benefits of corruption with impunity over the past 7 years, I would be afraid of Akuffo-Addo’s presidency. Why? I believe he would lawfully (and successfully) prosecute corrupt officials. Will that help Ghana? Yes of course!! Look at Nigeria.

NDC is only sowing the seed of fear about Akuffo-Addo’s presidency because of their selfish interest – fear of prosecution. Think of it! Society will become more insecure (unsafe) if:  (i) the high unemployment continues, (ii) cost of living continues to rise and (iii) government officials continue to steal with impunity.

Mahama’s leadership has been terrible and poses a big security threat. He MUST and WILL go in this year’s election!!

Ghana needs a competent, peaceful, visionary and incorruptible leadership. Ghana will find this in the persons of Akuffo-Addo/Bawumiah!!

Source: Kwabena Boateng (kwabenaboatengwritings@gmail.com)

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